Mitan Holding Ltd

Successful since 1999

Who we are

Mitan Holding Ltd is a privately owned company limited by shares, incorporated in Zurich under Swiss law, serving the main purpose of trading, transport and storage of petroleum products. From this core business Mitan Holding has evolved into a holding company which seeks diversification of revenues through strategic acquisitions, projects and investments.

Due to its history of formation the main area of its business activities is in Southeast Europe where Mitan Holding involves its financial, organisational and logistical ressources in diverse projects and companies.

Through its long term investment approach Mitan Holding ensures the sustainable success of the companies in both the interest of its shareholders as well as its employees. Mitan Holding assumes direct influence and responsibility through active engagement of its executives and board members in the general management and board of directors of the respective companies.


Mitan Holding Ltd has been founded in 1999 in Zurich, originally under the name Mitan Handels Ltd, as a company limited by shares, subject to Swiss law, by various private investors. In the years from 1999 until 2016 the core business comprised trading, distribution and storage of crude oil and other petroleum products in Southeast Europe. Business partners in all these years were the UN, several NATO countries such as the respective agencies of France, Germany and Italy as well as of the USA (Defence Fuel Agency) and Switzerland (VBS-SWISSCOY). All contracts have been concluded through international tenders. In the scope of these activities several depots have been built and operated:

  • Mostar (Airport), (BIH)
  • Podlugovi, (near Sarajevo, BIH)
  • Dervisi and Ramici (near Banja Luka, BIH)
  • Ploce (Croatia)
  • Depot Snake/Devet Jugovica (Kosovo)
  • Miradi and Eperme (Kosovo)
  • Smederevo (Serbia)


Mitan Oil

Mitan Oil d.o.o. is a company organised and incorporated in Belgrade under Serbian law with the purpose to provide storage facilities of petrochemical products it its depot in Smederevo. Thanks to the long standing experience of Mitan Holding Ltd, Mitan Oil could enlarge the existing depot by 100 % (50‘000m3) after its acquisition by Mitan Holding Ltd on 28.12.2015. Despite the increased international demand for storage capacities in the oil sector in the region, Mitan Oil continues to provide its services to the domestic market and fosters a long lasting collaboration with local customers and partners. In order to ensure stability and sustainability of its business activities, Mitan Holding Ltd is directly involved in the management of Mitan Oil.

Mitan Marina

Mitan Marina d.o.o. is a company construed and incorporated under Croatian law with the purpose to operate a marina, dry docks and a yacht club close to the city Novi Vinodolski. Whereas the port facilities provide for 200 berths, the dry docks in its boathhouses offer space for around 200 motorboats and yachts up to 40ft and 20 tons.


Daccomet AG, a company which was involved in two manufacturing companies in the wood processing industry in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina has been sold and is no longer in our portfolio since September 1st 2020.


Mitan Oil

Belgrad, Smederevo

The investment has been motivated by the existance of an interesting and populous market of around 7 million people without sufficient infrastructure in the oil sector, specifically regarding installations and utilities at the river Danube. The Danube river basically represents Serbias most important transportation route as it connects the refineries at the Black Sea with the markets in Western Europe.

Mitan Marina

Luka Muroskva near Novi Vinodolski

Owing to its acceptance as a member state of the European Union new possibilities are offered to foreign innvestors in Croatia. The natural beauty of the country, specifically its coast line, combined with the broadening of the national motorway network has brought Croatias tourism industry in the focus of Mitan Holdings' attention. With the construction of the Marina Murovska near Novi Vinodolski a port facility has been built in an area that can easily be reached within a few hours from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia as well as Hungary. The modern dry docks offer customers the possibility of professional and safe hibernation and maintenance of their boats.


Prnjavor, Cuprija

Daccomet is a major shareholder of two fabrication sites which produce furniture for IKEA.


Due to the long standing experience in trading of petrochemical products Mitan Holding supports the affiliated companies in all organisational, technical and financial aspects.

Mitan Holding puts forth its project experience in constructing diverse facilities as far as the creation of Mitan Marina Murovska is concerned, though advice, financing and control are in the center of Mitan Holdings' activities. Ideas, recommendations and requirements of existing as well as future partners and suppliers are respected in the design and construction of the dock facilities in order to best possibly meet the high expectations of the customers.

Apart from bringing in its network of regional and international partners Mitan Holding supports the expansion of the business of Daccomet both financially and personnel-wise.


For more then 20 years Mitan Holding acts as a reliable and long standing partner to various international organisations. Due to its consistently sustainable business behaviour Mitan Holding has already received several awards.

Social Responsibility

Mitan Holdings' entrepreneurial behaviour is characterised by its understanding of responsibility. We assume it in relation to our employees, business partners and third parties. In conformity with the principles of nature we contribute to a sustainable economical development.

Corporate Governance

Management and Board of Directors align their corporate governance and management as well as the coordination of the holdings in a way that ensures the continuance of Mitan Holding Ltd and provides for a sustainable value creation. An intense continuous dialogue between these bodies as well as with the bodies of the companies in which Mitan Holding Ltd has a significant equity stake, is the basis for an efficient corporate governance and this dialogue has been optimised in due consideration of international and national standards.

Board of Directors

Vanja Špiljak Maas

President of the board

Dr. Niklaus Wiget

Vicepresident of the board

Vanjka Špiljak

Delegate of the board

Oliver Maas

Member of the board